8-Year-Old Celebrates Her Grandmother's Life With 600 Acts Of Kindness

by Emily Arata

Alex McKelvey will never forget her grandmother, Linda, who died in September 2013.

Over the past year, Alex paid tribute to the woman 600 times through volunteer work.

The Huffington Post reports the 8-year-old finally reached her goal -- the second milestone she's set for herself -- this past Sunday.

When Linda passed away, Alex pledged to complete 60 acts of kindness by March 22, 2014. It would have been her grandmother's 60th birthday. One year later, she's completed 600 in total.

Linda passed away in 2013.

Instead of relying on cards or flowers, young Alex decided to remember her grandmother in a unique way.

And by 2014, she'd already completed her goal of 60 acts of kindness.

For the next year, she multiplied the goal times 10.

Alex thinks it's what Linda would have done.

Alex hopes her project, labeled #ForLinda, will continue to grow each year.

Alex plans to take hundreds and thousands of tiny steps toward a more generous world.

Even though the Lakewood, Washington girl is young, altruism seems to come naturally to her.

She's only in first grade, but she's already spent more time volunteering than many adults.

And that's exactly what Linda always encouraged, according to Alex's mother, Sarah.

She told KING5, "Linda would literally have given you the coat off your back, that's how incredible of a person she was…"

"This is what her life was about, giving to others."

And, as Sarah told The News Tribune, Alex was clearly shaped by her grandmother.

She added, "I'm always amazed by [Alex's] heart."

"I look at her spirit of giving to others and think, 'If an 8-year-old can do this, why can't anyone?'"

Linda's influence is clear in Alex's dedication to both small and large actions.

Her kindnesses have ranged from renovating the rec room of a local YMCA to working shifts at her local rescue mission.

Holidays like Easter and Halloween call for a chance to hide a $100 bill inside a treat.

There's no action too small for Alex, as long as it brings a smile to someone's face.

Thanks to Alex's continued dedication to making a positive influence, Linda will never be forgotten.

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