This Girl Just Admitted To Losing Her Virginity To Her Biological Father


Today in things that make you say, "That's enough Internet for today," we have a controversial interview with an 18-year-old woman engaged to her dad.

You read that correctly. The pair, who first consummated their relationship when she was only 17, plan on marrying and having children together.

The interview, published by NY Magazine, has been the subject of widespread scrutiny and, if I'm being honest, disgust.

In an effort to shed light on those with Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), the publication chose to interview a young woman with a history of depression and a disconnected family.

Some allege the interview is either a fake or heavily edited because many of the teen's comments seem a bit too formal.

But, without further delay, here are some of the interview's most important highlights.

Read the full interview here.

The anonymous interviewee, identified only as a resident of the "Great Lakes area" grew up estranged from her father after the age of 5.

Her bipolar mother had a series of boyfriends with whom she never connected, followed by four stepfathers.

She's also suffers chronic depression and is self-conscious about her weight after years of bullying.

The interviewee, who identifies as bisexual, never really felt close to her past significant others. She also wasn't allowed much of a social life.

At the age of 17, her mother's bipolarity spiraled and she connected with her long-lost dad on Facebook.

Although she found her dad attractive, a five-day visit was the first time she experienced sexual urges toward him.

He lived with a long-term girlfriend, but father and daughter slept in the living room together for four days before anything happened.

After he initiated a wrestling session soon after, the two talked about their feelings and had consensual sex.

Nearly two years later, the pair is engaged and planning a wedding.

The pair plans to tell the 18-year-old's mother.

She's not worried about incest-related birth defects but doesn't plan to tell her children that mom and dad are related.

She took her dad to the prom and the pair are rarely separated.

And she's used to the disapproval of others.

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