You've Never Seen Fruit Chopped This Fast In Your Entire Life (Video)

The world is full of people trying to break meaningless world records. For instance, one guy set a record for smashing walnuts on his head, and one dude set a record for breaking world records.

But Matt Jones' “World's Fastest Fruit Salad” is not stupid nor meaningless: It's brilliant.

In the video, a man (presumably, Jones himself) whips up a huge fruit salad, complete with watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapples and berries -- all in under two minutes.

He cuts the fruit with impeccable elegance as some top 40 song I don't know the name of (nor care to know the name of) plays in the background. With every swish of his knife, he breaks down each fruit into bite-sized, salad-ready chunks.

How he manages to miss chopping his fingers off is a mystery to me, but this real-life fruit ninja-ry will definitely blow your mind.

It will also, probably, make you hungry.

Here's your lunchtime treat. Enjoy.

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