Adorable 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Is The Real Star Of Her Mom's Wedding (Photo)

I think we all know who the real star of this wedding was.

It may have been Michelle Hall's big day, but that wasn't going to stop her 4-year-old daughter, Anderson, from totally stealing the spotlight.

Here's Anderson grabbing the moment and, consequently, the ring bearer.

Leah Bullard Photography

Wedding photographer Leah Bullard told Huffington Post Anderson kept referring to herself as “the bride” over the course of the day.

During the pre-reception photoshoot, Bullard told the soon-to-be-married couple to kiss, but Anderson assumed she meant her and the ring bearer.

Not being one to shun love when it's knocking on the door, Anderson grabbed the ring bearer by his neck and planted a big-time smooch on him.

By the way, this is a pretty big honor for the ring bearer. Anderson wasn't just handing out kisses that day: She told USA TODAY,

He was the best ring bearer ever, and he thought I was the best flower girl ever!

Cute happens.

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