Flasks Made With Nintendo Cartridges Will Get You Drunk And Nostalgic

The newest Kickstarter success to make headlines is something all Millennials -- from the nerds to the partiers -- can enjoy.

This is Ink Whiskey.

Though the name sounds vaguely unappealing, Ink Whiskey is pretty much the only thing you'll need to make your summer awesome. The individual booze-filled flasks are made to look like recycled Nintendo cartridges. I mean, how cool is that?

Perfect for both your #ThrowbackThursdays and your #ThirstyThursdays, the plastic flasks, modeled after different 90s era games, boast creative names such as “Tetriquilla,” “Ninja Dry-Gin” and “FineAle Fantasy.”

Created by Matt Cornell as a Kickstarter project in 2013, the flasks are available for purchase on ThinkGeek for $20 each, which is kind of expensive, but also worth it for the novelty.

Several are already sold out, including the “Legend of Drink” and the $85 “Collector's Pack” that comes with five health potion liquor-filled cartridges.

While the whole concept of the nostalgic, meant-to-be-seen design sort of defeats the purpose of a flask, it's pretty rad and would make a sick gift for a birthday (cough, cough).

Check 'em all out here.

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