Female NYPD Cops Are In Trouble For Posting Sexy Selfies In Uniform

by Robert Anthony

People take photos at work all the time. These specific types of photos hardly ever embody who you really are -- especially if you're a cop.

A few female NYPD police officers are in a bit of hot water after photos of them flaunting their beauty were discovered on an Instagram page.

That's right, there's an entire account solely dedicated to "sexy" female police officers under the Blueline_Beauties Instagram handle.

In a recent statement regarding the racy photos, a NYPD spokesman said,

Members of the Police Department are prohibited from posting photographs of themselves in uniform without the prior authorization. This does not include photographs taken during official department ceremonies.

According to the Daily News, approximately six female officers are being investigated after their photos ended up on the Blueline_Beauties account.

Most of the collage photos feature one picture of the officer in her uniform next to a photo of her showing a different, perhaps more revealing side of herself.

According to the spokesman,

Members of the service found to be in violation of the order may be subject to disciplinary action.

Despite the department's strict policy, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Patrick Lynch says the NYPD needs to get with the times.

Lynch said,

Social media is an acceptable method of communication among individuals today. We see nothing inappropriate about being depicted in uniform or in attire that is generally accepted by society as appropriate on social media.

But the department might have a point. Its social media policy states,

Members of the service should be aware that activities on personal social media sites may be used against them to undermine their credibility as members of the department.

You be the judge.

Yes, there's an Instagram page dedicated to female police officers who take "sexy" photos.

It's called Blueline_Beauties.

If you've ever taken a photo at work, you know that your office selfies never quite embody your individuality -- especially if you're in uniform.

As a matter of fact, seeing what police officers look like outside of their uniforms is pretty rare.

As expected, the NYPD caught wind of the account and decided to comb through it only to find about six female NYPD officers posing in their uniforms next to revealing photos of themselves.

NYPD officials were also reportedly looking at an Instagram account called Blueline_Beefcakes (which seems to have been taken down) to see if any male officers had been doing similar postings.

These officers are human and want to take selfies just like everyone else.

But, in a recent statement, a NYPD spokesman revealed: "Members of the service should be aware that activities on personal social media sites may be used against them to undermine their credibility as members of the department."

According to the Daily News, this isn't the first time the department has dealt with this issue.

As a matter of fact, there have been worse cases where nude photos were uncovered on the web. Perhaps a little closer to photos like this:

As of now, the Blueline_Beauties Instagram account has been shut down.

It's probably safe to say it no longer exists.

We're all human...

We can all relate -- you just never know when you're going to want to take a selfie.

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