Engagement Ring Box Camera Captures Proposals' Most Genuine Reactions (Video)

Say you're going to propose to your significant other, and you want to capture the moment on camera so you can cherish and remember it forever. What do you do?

You could use your smartphone, of course.

Or, you could use the Ring Cam: A ring box equipped with a built-in camera and microphone, designed for the sole purpose of capturing your partner's (hopefully overjoyed) reaction to your marriage proposal.

Here's how it works: Via the Ring Cam website, you'll rent the box, which costs $100 for a three-week period.

Put the ring inside, as you would a normal jewelry box.

When it's time to pop the question, press the button on the top of the box to begin filming. Your partner's reaction will be captured from the ring's point-of-view.

Transfer the video file to your computer using a USB port on the side of the box and, viola! You've got yourself an intimate, one-of-a-kind engagement video.

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