People Anonymously Admit Their Most Embarrassing Moments During Sex (Photos)

Being human means your body is bound to make offensive noises and embarrass you at the least convenient times.

Enter sex, an act in which these things happen very close to another person.

Aside from telling best friends, most people prefer to keep their most undignified and intimate moments to themselves.

But, with the help of secret-sharing app Whisper, Millennials are free to anonymously write about the worst things that have happened to them under the covers.

Whether it's a hairy chest or hair somewhere else, it's pretty understandable. No one who's sleeping with you expects perfection.

If they do, you should dump them immediately.

Cat got your tongue?

It seems to be a common problem.

Neither of these cats seem too worried about it.

Ask yourself why you're faking.

Things could be worse.

Some are tone deaf; others are just off-beat.

Laziness is the mother of invention. Isn't that how the phrase goes?

The other person isn't contemplating your chin.

You must not have ever watched MTV's "Teen Wolf."

Use the bathroom before sex...

Your boyfriend needs to learn patience.

If Kate Upton were his ex, we'd understand that nervousness.

Dirty talk wears out over time.

Who said sex should always be serious?

For more confessions about sex, download Whisper.