Dumb Thief Is Busted After Using The Netflix Account On The TV He Stole

In California, burglars don't seem to be too smart. Case in point: 20-year-old Bobby Alexander was arrested on burglary charges after breaking into a Mariposa County home on March 4.

Three days after her 65-inch smart TV, Blu-ray player and laptop were stolen from her home, the victim discovered an app on her stolen TV was still being used to access her Netflix account..

Officers traced the IP address of the smart TV and tracked down the initial address, but a sweep of the home they visited turned up clear. The gadgets were nowhere to be found.

That's when the homeowners told authorities they let Alexander, their neighbor, use their WiFi. The police then raided his nearby property, finding and taking back all of the devices he stole from the home in Mariposa County.

Now, Bobby is being held on $75,000 bail, according to the NY Daily News.

So, not only were you using a stolen device to catch up on your latest shows, but you were using a neighbor's WiFi to stream them? I hope you enjoyed your Netflix binge; it will likely be the last one you have in a long time.

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