Drunk Dude Receives An Amazing Response About The Meaning Of Life

by Connor Toole

If you've ever smoked weed, there's a pretty good chance you've gotten to a point where you suddenly realize something and convince yourself it's one of the deepest thoughts a human being has ever had.

I can't confirm the person who received a text asking, "What is life?" was stoned when he or she replied to it, nor can I confirm the person actually exists in the first place and isn't a figment of the imagination of the person who posted this on Reddit:

A board-game that sucks, a cereal that's fucking awesome, a magazine that's owned by boys, and the inconceivable act of dynamic matter gathering, moving, self-propelling itself first to form, then to mind, and eventually SOMEHOW, to consciousness, so that you can ponder the cosmos and bask in the warmth of love amongst manmade canyons while celebrating the otherwise pointless anniversary of not the day you were formed, nor thought your first thought, but rather the moment you drew your first breath on this en-tirelessly pointless spinning rock that not only posses life, but is absolutely covered by it.

I'll smoke what he's smoking.