Science Says Drinking Coffee May Be Crucial In Fighting Breast Cancer

Sure, coffee gets you out of bed every morning, but don't underestimate the bold drink.

A follow-up study of nearly 1,100 women found two or more cups of coffee a day slowed tumor regrowth for 500 women battling breast cancer and taking the drug tamoxifen, an estrogen inhibitor.

The study, coauthored by Swedish and British researchers, replicated results from two years ago that showed coffee could be a powerful tool for recovering breast cancer patients.

Those participants who'd taken tamoxifen and consumed two cups of coffee a day had smaller tumors and a lower proportion of hormone-dependent tumors compared to those who only took the medication.

The team also examined the patients on a cellular level.

It seems the caffeine and a secondary ingredient of coffee, caffeic acid, affected the body's communication with cancer, resulting in more cell death and less reproduction.

Researcher Ann Rosendahl explained to Sweden's The Local,

The caffeine turns off the signal paths to breast cancer cells. This results in slower cell proliferation and increased cell death... diagnosis it was found that the cancer was less well developed in coffee drinkers than among the rest.

While coffee's role in cancer prevention is being researched, the team emphasizes it's the combination of medication and caffeine making a noticeable difference.

So, don't skip that prescription in favor of your morning joe.

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