Don't Have Perfect Abs? No Problem! Just Buy These Fake Silicone Abs

There’s nothing the ladies like more than a perfectly sculpted six-pack, right?

This may be the case, but for most of us, this is far from our situation (as beer and Chipotle, along with many other environmental factors, prevent us from having a body resembling a Greek god, and instead have us looking more like Gucci Mane).

A new product has been developed for the genetically unfortunate, so everyone can appear to have a chiseled abdomen.

This silicone slip that goes underneath clothing will give the illusion that you have a sick body.

The only problem is, what happens when your “body” attracts a woman who wants to take you home? How disappointed will she be, and how awkward will it be?

Our advice? Don’t buy this, it’s probably just as bad as stuffing your pants in an attempt to act like you’re packing pornstar power. You’re only leading her on to be ultimately disappointed.