Doctors Discovered Ebola In The Eye Of Man 'Cured' Of The Deadly Disease

After a period of global panic late last year, the global Ebola epidemic finally leveled out.

But that's not to say the disease, which killed thousands in just a few months' time, is completely eradicated.

Dr. Ian Crozier contracted Ebola last September while working in a treatment clinic in Sierra Leone. He was one of many World Health Organization volunteers sent to West Africa to aid the nation's under-equipped medical community.

After a month of intense treatment at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital, Crozier, who came close to death, was declared Ebola-free, and he was released.

Not long after, he began to experience problems with his left eye becoming inflamed and irritated. His vision blurred; he became sensitive to light. His left iris, normally blue, turned green.

When doctors tested Crozier's eye, they found something they didn't think possible: The Ebola virus somehow hid in his eye.

Though nearly 40 percent of Ebola survivors in a treatment facility in Liberia presented similar symptoms, doctors there did not identify any of the infections as Ebola.

Fortunately, if it's in the eye, Ebola is not contagious. Crozier once again underwent treatment and was cured.

But survivors in Africa, who have limited access to proper health care, face less-positive prognoses; without proper treatment, blindness is likely.

While most countries officially declared the outbreak over, the fight may not be.

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