Woman Uses Hairspray Bottle To Get Kylie Jenner Lips, Fails Miserably

by Emily Arata

Kylie Jenner's plush lips are unattainable, which is a lesson learned the hardest way by an English woman with mouth bruising so severe she can't work.

Daily Mail reports Gail Scott, tired of saving for lip injections, attempted to replicate the effect of a lip-plumping device herself.

She'd heard from friends the homemade suction contraptions could work just as well as those for sale.

Scott, who works as a part-time swimsuit model, held a travel-size hairspray bottle cap over her mouth for five minutes while sucking continuously.

It's pretty much the game all children play, holding cups suctioned to their mouths as a kind of “magic” trick.

Unfortunately for the English woman, the results were anything but miraculous.

While her mouth initially looked more voluminous, she reports bruising began to appear just minutes later.

The dark marks are so evident Scott says they look like a mustache above her upper lip. She's resorted to expensive makeup as a coverup, estimating she's spent as much on extra products as she would have on the actual lip-plumping device.

She told Daily Mail, "I look like I've been punched in the mouth… I feel ridiculous and I haven't wanted to leave the house since."


"I thought I was saving money, but it's cost me a fortune in makeup trying to cover it up."


Scott advised other women not to follow in the foolish footsteps of herself, or Brittany Foster, whose friends filmed her trying a similar technique.


The model added, "I want other women to know the dangers, it's not worth it.


"I was lucky not to burst a blood vessel."


She's promised to stick to plumping lip gloss in the future.