Woman Sees Dead Brother's Face On Another Man After Amazing Transplant

If life's greatest obstacle is the pain of a loved one's death, then seeing his or her face once more must provide a little comfort.

In 2012, Rebekah Aversano lost her 21-year-old brother, Joshua, when he was hit by a van.

Because the Aversano family donated his remains, his face became a symbol of hope for Richard Norris.

Norris's face was left broken and irreparable after a shotgun accident in 1997.

Daily Mail reports Norris underwent a 36-hour face transplant that reportedly involved 150 medical staff members who worked to give him an entirely reconstructed appearance.

Although he was once driven to isolation due to his appearance, Norris since rebuilt his life.

In 2014, he even appeared in GQ.

Curious to see what might happen when Rebekah Aversano saw Joshua's face on another man, Australia's "60 Minutes" filmed the pair's first meeting.

Although the segment airs Sunday, the program released a short promotional video.

Because of the donation from Joshua's family, Norris regained the ability to do everyday activities like speaking and brushing his teeth.

He owes his existence to the generosity of the Aversano family and the memory of Joshua.

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