Dad Gets Tattoo Of Daughter's Hearing Aid So She Won't Feel Alone

Last week, we shared a story about two parents who got faux birthmarks tattooed on their legs so their daughter, who has a skin condition, wouldn't feel alone.

It turns out, they're not the only parents inking themselves for their child's benefit: One unidentified father recently gained social media fame for his massive hearing-aid tattoo.

The ink, which covers a decent portion of his skull, honors his deaf daughter, who uses a real hearing aid.

A side-by-side photo of the loving father and his daughter was first posted to Instagram by user justcuriouspoe, who captioned the image:

This dude's daughter is deaf he got a hearing aid tattoo'd on himself to make her feel less self-conscious. #PassingAlongPositivity.

Twitter users quickly picked up the photo, which has since gone viral, and users have given the anonymous father the moniker “Father of the Year.”

We have to say: It's an incredibly touching gesture.

The girl's deafness is, of course, unfortunate -- but having a father this empathetic makes her truly lucky.

See the dad's ink-spiring tattoo below.

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