Couples Stare Into Each Other's Eyes For 4 Minutes In Love Experiment (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

About a month ago, we shared a story detailing an experiment that supposedly uncovered a “formula” for falling in love.

The original experiment had couples ask each other a series of 36 questions and then, upon completion, stare into each other's eyes, uninterrupted and totally silent, for four minutes.

The folks over at Soul Pancake decided to recreate the visual portion of the experiment and recruited 12 volunteers to participate in the test. The six pairs were all at different stages in their relationships, including one set of strangers.

All participants seem apprehensive at first; a few even confess their nervousness.

But after a minute or so, the awkwardness disappears and it's clear that the few minutes of uninterrupted contact does something, emotionally. It's fascinating to watch.

Check out the video, called "How To Connect With Anyone," up top, and head here to learn more about the original study that inspired Soul Pancake's version.

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