WTF: Couples In New York Can Now Legally File For Divorce On Facebook

Need to get a divorce but don't want to have to face that slimy ex of yours?

You're in luck: A New York City judged recently ruled it acceptable to file divorce papers via Facebook as a last resort.

Soon after their 2006 nuptials, Ellanora Baidoo and Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku split up.

Though Baidoo soon filed for divorce, her estranged husband failed to show to pick up his divorce papers.

Since Blood-Dzraku has neither a fixed address nor a steady job, it's proven impossible for Baidoo to give him his divorce papers. She even hired a private investigator to track him down, but to no avail.

Desperate, Baidoo asked a New York judge for permission to send Blood-Dzraku his divorce papers via Facebook Messenger.

Normally, divorce papers have to be served in-person, but given Blood-Dzraku's elusiveness, the judge granted Baidoo's appeal.

This effectively makes Facebook a legal medium through which divorce papers can be served -- not just for this couple but for all couples in the state. Once a legal precedent has been set, anyone can appeal to file for divorce on Facebook.

Divorce lawyers: Now would be a good time to look into a career change.

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