Couple Of 65 Years Buried In A Double Coffin So They Can Hold Hands

Victor and Elsie Bower spent almost their entire lives together — 65 years, to be exact.

The teenage sweethearts from Sheffield, England were inseparable; so much so that nobody in the family was surprised when they passed away just nine days apart last month.

Victor, 82, died first on February 8 after a 15-year battle with cancer.

At the time, 80-year-old Elsie had been in the hospital, too, undergoing treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

When she heard of her husband's death, she died days later from what her family believes was “a broken heart.”

When planning funeral arrangements, daughter Sharon decided to bury her parents in a double coffin so they could always be together.

She told Sheffield's The Star,

They lived together and died together. So it was only right that they went together too.

The funeral director, Michael Fogg, obliged, though it was the first time a double coffin had been used in the county.

He said,

To me it didn't seem right to have separate coffins when all Elsie wanted was to be by the side of Victor.

So, for the first time, they buried the lifelong partners in one coffin so they cold hold hands for eternity.

Elsie and Victor may have died, but their love never did -- and thanks to their family, the pair will truly be together forever.

The couple is survived by two children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

The Bowers, on their wedding day.

Sometimes love just finds you. — Buzzy Hubbington (@Wow_Thats_Cool_) March 2, 2015

 A more recent photo of the lifelong couple.

Through thick and thin those who love each other find a way to stick together forever. — Buzzy Hubbington (@Wow_Thats_Cool_) March 2, 2015

Their double coffin.

Even to death some couples find a way to stay together. — Buzzy Hubbington (@Wow_Thats_Cool_) March 2, 2015

They were laid side-by-side for eternity.

Love is a powerful thing. — Buzzy Hubbington (@Wow_Thats_Cool_) March 2, 2015

A rose for Victor, and one for Elsie. — Buzzy Hubbington (@Wow_Thats_Cool_) March 2, 2015

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