Couple Who Met Online Become Parents To The 'World's First Imgur Baby'


Like many other couples, Nate and Sasha met on the Internet.

But it wasn't Tinder or OKCupid that facilitated their romance -- it was Imgur.

The two met via the image-sharing site back in 2012 and bonded over their "shared affinity for lurking, laughing and upvoting," as told in a post on the Imgur's community blog.

Their shared interests soon led to an inevitable series of real-life dates and, less than a year later, they tied the knot in an Imgur-themed ceremony.

But their happily-ever-after doesn't end there: On March 16, 2015, the tech-happy couple welcomed their first child.

The nugget of love, who's name hasn't been released, is being hailed as the world's first-ever Imgur Baby.

Recently, the happy new parents took to Imgur's community blog to introduce their Internet friends to their sunny bundle of love who, they write, “enjoys naps, poops and lying on Sasha's stomach. Or sometimes, all three at once.”

Thankfully, via the all-holy Internet, we baby-lovin' fools also get to meet the pink-faced poop machine. (And she may just be the cutest pink-faced poop machine ever to grace the web.)

Behold: The World's First Imgur Baby, the Tiny Imgurian, The Most Millennial Baby Ever (and the parents who made her).

Nate and Sasha, at their wedding.

Because why wouldn't they have an Imgur-themed wedding cake?

Daddy and the new baby (still reppin' Imgur).

TINY BB! (And another Imgur appearance, of course.)

Thank you, Internet (and Nate and Sasha), for giving us this beautiful bundle of baby.

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