Cops Pull Guy Over So He Can Propose In The Most Incredible Way Possible (Video)

The only way to recover from the embarrassment of being pulled over on a first date is to make it a running joke.

It worked for a Michigan man proposing to his girlfriend, Ashley, anyway.

The Royal Oak Police Department posted a video of the April 17 proposal, filmed exactly two years to the day after the 2013 incident.

With the help of local police, Trevor Ross staged being pulled over and patted down.

In the clip, one of the officers pulls out the classic square ring box and holds it out to Ashley, asking her if she has any idea what it might be.

Instead of accepting the proposal right away, relieved, Ashley laughingly tells Ross,

You are such a dick!

Ah, true love.

Here's hoping this pair has many years of pranks -- and no arrests -- in their future.

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