Cops Find Sex, Drugs And Alcohol At 16th Birthday Foam Party Gone Wild In Ohio


A sweet sixteen turned sour when police arrived at the party in Solon, Ohio last Friday. When police arrived at the foam party, they found hundreds of teenagers engaging in underage sex, drinking, and drug-taking.

Ten people were arrested, with five young adults charged with crimes ranging from drug possession to underage consumption of alcohol. The other five juveniles face similar charges, WOIO reports.

A video of the party, which included dirty dancing in a bath of foam, was posted on YouTube, but has since been made private.

The electrofoam party on Friday was held at the Grantwood Golf Course pavilion in Solon.

According to police, around 750 people aged between 16 and 19 attended the party.

Fox Cleveland reported that gold course officials confirmed the 16-year-old and his mother rented out the pavilion. The teenager charged $10 for entry.

There whereabouts of the boy's mother at the time of the event has not been reported.

Police said that, when they arrived at 11:30 pm, officers found evidence of marijuana, liquor, and beer in some of the vehicles.

Felton learned that his 18-year-old stepson was also charged with misdemeanor drug possession at the party.

Holub says the pavilion was rented out legally. He also says after all the teens left, there was no damage to the building and it was clean.

The pavilion will now work with a Solon police officer to help with security for events.

The adults will have their first appearance in Bedford Municipal Court on August 8.