Inspiring Company Rips Up Anti-Gay Flyers To Turn Them Into Confetti (Photos)

Daintree Papers is the coolest stationary company you've never heard of.

The Dublin-based papermakers recently launched a new project, aptly dubbed the Shred of Decency project, in which they craft confetti out of flyers containing homophobic content.

In the lead up to Ireland's marriage equality referendum, anti-gay lobbyists have plastered Dublin with hateful, homophobic propaganda -- and the folks over at Daintree wanted nothing more than to rip it all up.

So they did.

In their new ad, the organization says,

We believe in making beautiful things out of paper, so when paper was used to print some pretty ugly lies... we wanted to do something about it. We [will] collect any negative and dishonest flyers, leaflets, and online literature, and recycle them into something positive.

As if that isn't badass enough, all proceeds from the Shred of Decency project will be donated to Yes Equality, an organization lobbying to pass the marriage equality bill, which will be voted on May 22.

If you spot anything online you'd like to see destroyed, tweet it to @ShredOfDecency_ with the hashtag #ShredThisTweet, and they'll make confetti out of it.

Buy yourself a bag here.

The confetti is made specifically for weddings...

...and boasts hearts to represent love.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes...

..and the right to love is everyone's.

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