Toy Company Makes Amazing Relatable Dolls With Scars And Hearing Aids (Photos)

by Emily Arata

For many years, Barbie set the standard for dolls: tall, thin and flawless.

But, children need to see different types of beauty.

A UK brand called Makies, best known for 3D printing entirely customizable dolls, heard its customers inquiring about having their deaf, blind or special needs children represented in toy form.

The requests came in the form of the viral #ToyLikeMe campaign, which asked parents to show the ways they "hacked" their children's toys to make them more like their owners.

Photos of Disney's Tinkerbell fitted with a makeshift cochlear implant and a repainted doll with a cleft lip received notable social media attention.

Makies decided to take on the campaign as a kind of challenge, and it planned and executed a new range of dolls in less than a week.

According to a press release from the brand, dolls are now available with canes, birthmarks and even hearing aids.

BuzzFeed reports the dolls will retail for about $108.

My Makie

Makies dolls aren't bargain-priced, but many parents can justify the expense if it helps their children.

My Makie

Finally, there's a brand of dolls showing beauty comes in many different packages.

My Makie

Barbie may have had style, but she lacked the unique qualities of Makies.


Makies took Toy Like Me's proposal to heart.


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