Company Will Make You A Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Sniffing a familiar scent can evoke memories more strongly than any other stimuli. Personally, the smell of incense reminds me of my mother; cigarettes, my boyfriend; the ocean, my father.

One entrepreneur has decided to capitalize on this scent association by launching a fragrance company that will make a perfume in the specific scent of your deceased loved ones.

It sounds creepy, but it's actually pretty brilliant: You'll gather your loved one's things, including clothing and pillow cases, and send them to a chemist at the Universite du Havre.

The chemist will then process these items to isolate scent particles, specifically, those that came directly from the person him or herself.

Those scent molecules will then be crafted into a sprayable fragrance to be used however the customer wishes.

The cost: approximately $600.

According to founder Katia Apaletegui, the company's goal is to provide “olfactory comfort” to help people deal with grief after the death of a loved one.

Though the company has yet to get on its feet officially, Apaletegui plans for a September launch -- her son, who is currently in business school, will be her partner.

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