This Choreographed Russian Twerk Team Is Simply Mesmerizing (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Boys, this one is for you.

Russian choreographer Shoshina Katerina, who specializes in twerking (yes, you read that right), got together a group of dancers to perform her latest choreographed dance.

Set to “House Party” by Hucci, the routine is pretty much what you’d expect from the twerking queen: lots of booty-bouncing goodness.

As an added bonus, the dancers are decked out in lace underwear, knee socks and belly-baring crop tops — as if the twerking weren’t sexy enough.

To be fair, the dancers’ ass-shaking skills are pretty impressive. I’d probably want to show off my twerking skills, too, if I could actually do it.

Anyway, happy Friday to all the dudes out there.

Check out the video up top.