This Choreographed Russian Twerk Team Is Simply Mesmerizing (Video)

Boys, this one is for you.

Russian choreographer Shoshina Katerina, who specializes in twerking (yes, you read that right), got together a group of dancers to perform her latest choreographed dance.

Set to “House Party” by Hucci, the routine is pretty much what you’d expect from the twerking queen: lots of booty-bouncing goodness.

As an added bonus, the dancers are decked out in lace underwear, knee socks and belly-baring crop tops — as if the twerking weren’t sexy enough.

To be fair, the dancers’ ass-shaking skills are pretty impressive. I’d probably want to show off my twerking skills, too, if I could actually do it.

Anyway, happy Friday to all the dudes out there.

Check out the video up top.