Chinese Nursing Home Worker Cuts Off Four Men's Balls For Not Sharing Meatball Casserole

A mentally disabled Chinese man tasked with feeding residents at a nursing home cut off the genitalia of several elderly men when they wouldn't share their food with him.

Daily Mail reports that Wang Fan, 46, was not paid for his duties at the nursing home in China's Heilongjiang province but was allowed to eat the residents' leftover food.

He was greatly looking forward to enjoying some meatball casserole and therefore infuriated when there was none left over.

The worker then tied up four residents and took a razor blade to their testicles, cutting off six of them before being stopped by staff.

Victim Chi Liang, 62, said,

I thought he was tying me down because of some medical procedure but then I realized actually something was wrong and I yelled and screamed, but nobody came.

Liang and a 70-year-old man lost both of their testicles while two others, ages 81 and 53, lost one each.

Police said that Fan, who had been drinking prior to last week's attack, planned on cooking and eating the testicles.

Chinese nursing homes are often plagued with insufficient funding, unsanitary conditions and poorly-paid staff despite the country's vast and rising elderly population.

This particular publicly-owned residence houses 165 residents, most of whom are either mentally disabled or natives of impoverished rural areas.

According to Daily Mail, reporters recently visited the facility to find crowded, foul-smelling rooms and patients who had not been bathed for months.

The care is so inconsistent that Fan's fourth victim wasn't discovered until a day after the attack when his bed was covered in blood.

All four victims are still in the hospital. Their condition was described as stable, but the future of their genitalia remains unknown.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail