Construction Workers In China Discover 43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

Scores of fossilized dinosaur eggs were unearthed during a construction project in China.

According to the Huffington Post, the workers were digging into a road in the Guangdong Province on April 19 when they came upon 43 eggs, 19 of which did not contain a single break.

The city of Heyuan is known as "Hometown of the Dinosaur in China" because the remains of thousands of dinosaurs eggs have been found there over the past three decades.

The Heyuan Museum is home to 10,008 eggs, which is more than any other location and, therefore, holds a Guinness World Record.

No eggs, however, had been found in Heyuan's city center until this recent discovery.

Experts are currently studying the eggs to figure out what kind of dinosaurs they once stored.

Some of these creatures may have been of the larger variety because one of the eggs was a whopping 7 inches in diameter.

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