Teens Are Trying To Summon A Demon With The 'Charlie Charlie Challenge'


Give teenagers smartphones, and they will film themselves trying to summon a demon.

The spirit in question is supposedly a Mexican boy named Charlie, and teens are calling him out to play.

It's called the Charlie Charlie Challenge and, even though a BBC journalist confirmed there's no such demon in Mexican lore, teens from countries around the world are intent on taunting him with a homemade game.

They've gotten some startling results, too.

To play the game, would-be summoners divide a sheet of paper into four sections – two labeled "yes," two "no."

A pair of pencils is placed on top in the middle of the page.

Players chant,

When the pencil inevitably moves, there's usually quite a bit of screaming. According to the developing urban legend, players must ask to stop and bid Charlie "goodbye" before leaving the game.

Otherwise, he'll haunt them eternally.

The game is really no different from slumber party pastimes like Bloody Mary, but technology-savvy kids have the capabilities to put it online for others to view.

According to the Independent, however, positioning and friction cause the pencils to move.

Stacked on top of one another, the pencils are balanced in such a way that even the most minute breeze will swing one around.

Spooky? Yes. Demonic? Probably not.

It wasn't long until others were making fun of the challenge.

Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?

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