Ceiling Full Of Thousands Of Spiders May Be The Worst Thing Ever (Video)

Arachnophobia is among the most common human fears -- and for good reason: A spider, with its eight legs, eight eyes and occasional man-killing capabilities is a terrifying creature.

Sure, spiders might be great for pest control, but that's only because they're evil, venomous predators themselves.

Honestly, the only thing worse than one spider is multiple spiders, which is exactly why this video, posted to Facebook by a man named Mikel Mass, is so f*cking terrifying.

Post by Mikel Maas.

The gut-wrenching footage shows what happens when hundreds of spiders are left to breed in an abandoned building.

You're going to want to take a long shower after this one.

Check out the video, up top, but don't say we didn't warn you.

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