Study: The Camera Really Does Add 10 Pounds

While most of us use the excuse that the camera adds 10 lbs every time we come out looking awful in a photo, the truth is: it really does.

Before you get pissed off that your camera is deliberately making you look like a walrus, if you understand why the photos turn out that way, you may be able to avoid it.

There are two main issues that most people photographed fall victim to. The first culprit being the flash. In general, poor lighting will flatten your features by killing the shadows.

Without shadows your chiseled jaw turns into a second chin. But the flash is not the only thing to blame. The type of lens can also cause you to resemble a hippo.

To be honest, just about any lens, if not used properly, will fatten you up. Human beings are made to view things in stereo- with two eyes, allowing for depth perception.

With only one eye, or one lens, much of the depth becomes lost. Unless, of course, the photographer is experienced enough to create the illusion of depth using lights, shadows, and distance cues.

So yes, the camera usually does add on a few pounds. But don’t blame the camera- blame the photographer.

Paul Hudson | Elite.