Japanese Restaurant Serves Live Frog And It's Causing Quite The Controversy

One of the most bizarre nightspots in Tokyo is the Shinjuku district; it's home to a series of restaurants that cook up disgusting animal-based delicacies.

Menu items include soft-shelled turtle, pig testicles, snake liquor and grilled salamander.

However, probably the hardest dish to look at, let alone eat, is the signature dish of the Asadachi restaurant: bullfrog sashimi.

It's served on ice, with a little soy sauce and a lemon slice. The frog's wide eyes stare straight into the diner while its boney remains are served in a clear broth.

What makes the dish so uniquely nauseating is the frog's contracting nerves and muscles, giving the impression that the amphibian is still alive.

Video of the frog being prepared and served first appeared several years ago but has recently resurfaced and prompted the creation of a petition to ban the dish, citing animal cruelty.

Over 5,000 people signed the online petition demanding Japan's ambassador to the US get involved.

Though, many view it as hypocritical considering the massive amount of chickens and cows that are butchered much more viciously on a constant basis.

Japanese chef Mamie Nishide told Fox News this is in no way a widely-savored, traditional ethnic selection.

I just don’t want you to think this is Japanese food that the Japanese enjoy. It’s not. This is totally different.

The founder of New York's prestigious Japanese Cooking Studio said the only popular dish it could be compared to is ike zukuri, a serving of fish so fresh, its mouth still moves.

H/T: Fox News