Best Hangover Ever? Buddies Go Out Drinking In The UK, Wake Up In Spain


All it took was a little booze to convince four friends in England to hop on a plane to Spain for a trip they planned that night.

Daily Mail reports that 23-year-olds Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough and Dan Griffiths went out for beers in Stourbridge Saturday night.

Holloway said,

We had probably had about seven pints and then some vodka shots once we were out.

At this point, they began musing about how funny it would be to wake up 1,000 miles away.

Weyman told Daily Mail,

We only did it because one of our mates turned up with his passport for ID to get into the bar in Stourbridge. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It started out as a bit of a joke and then it sort of escalated.

They each took taxis to their homes but grabbed nothing but their passports.

Taking with them only the clothes they were wearing and a single iPhone charger, the buddies spent a total of $521 for four one-way tickets.

Holloway said,

The evening is a bit blurry to be honest, but then I woke up when we were on the plane and I was like 'yeah, this actually just happened.'

After touching down in Marbella, they decided to share one room at a beautiful hotel on the Costa Del Sol that cost about $50 per night.

It was soon time to call their bosses; all but one was very understanding.

Holloway flew home on Monday while Gough, who is due back today, had to make a sales pitch over the phone to keep his job.

Weyman and Griffith, on the other hand, are still in Spain and will be staying until the end of the week.

Weyman told Daily Mail from Spain,

We just asked a rep at the airport for a recommendation about where to stay and we have bought a few clothes. We have also been swapping t-shirts so it doesn't look like we keep going out in the same top.

The pair have since been enjoying the weather during the day and going to clubs at night.

Weyman says he and Griffith will next weekend be joined by one friend who was with the four in Stourbridge that night but went home early.

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