Our Brains Are Actually Hardwired To Help Us Get Over A Tough Breakup

Our ancient ancestors must have been star-crossed lovers.

According to researchers from Saint Louis University, our brains have acquired a mechanism through human evolution that is specifically designed to help us get through extremely traumatic moments, like breakups, and continue moving forward in life, Metro reports.

If you've ever experienced a breakup, then you know just how true this is.

The researchers also say that, although we may go back to our exes at first to try and win back their love, we are ultimately always capable of picking up the pieces and carrying on.

Professor Brian Boutwell, from Saint Louis University, explained,

If pursuit is indeed fruitless, then the brains of individuals may act to correct certain emotions and behaviors, paving the way for people to become attracted to new mates and form new relationships.

At first, leaving your love is like losing a limb or getting over an addiction. The person with whom you wanted to spend forever with is now nothing but a memory.

Although it can certainly be painful, the healing process is innate, and we recover fast.

In fact, we generally come out of breakups feeling stronger and more liberated than ever.

I wonder what science has to say about that.

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