Best Boyfriend Ever Proposes With A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt (Photos)

Halfway around the world from where she started her adventure, Amy Linville said "yes."

BuzzFeed reports the 28-year-old's boyfriend of eight years, Brett Arnold, surprised her with a solo scavenger hunt to Japan and Spain before he proposed in Basque's San Sebastián.

Of her fiancé, the Colorado resident said,

He is my biggest fan, my travel partner, my compass... He asked me if I was willing to go on another adventure with him… and I said, 'Of course!'

Arnold even coordinated with Linville's supervisor and friends, making sure she could take time off from work and see a few pals along the way.

He called it a “graduation gift."

The unlikely treasure hunt began the day after Linville's December 12 graduation. Arnold started her on a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt that ended on top of a nearby snowy hill.

There, Linville received a clue informing her surprises were in store.

Arnold had hidden a plane ticket to Tokyo and a Japan Rail Pass in Linville's backpack, which she discovered upon arriving home.

When Linville reached her friend's place in Japan, she discovered Arnold's next clue.

Linville happily did as she was told and stayed in Japan for a week while wondering what else was in store.

To her surprise, the clue she picked up from friend Kassie – whom she hadn't seen for multiple years – directed her to Barcelona. She was already missing Arnold, who'd told her he was home with family.

Then, mishap struck: The Barcelona bar in charge of Linville's next clue closed for the Christmas holiday. Arnold was forced to email it, sending Linville a ticket to beachside town San Sebastián.

Linville woke up in a luxury hotel on Christmas Day, only to have a courier deliver her a photo clue that afternoon. She reports feeling lonely while she hiked alone to find the spot pictured below.

In the cold and rain, Linville struggled to identify the correct spot. After finally finding it, she began trekking back to the hotel – only to see Arnold walking toward her.

Arnold's next and final clue was an engagement ring, followed by a bottle of champagne.

The soon-to-be bride told BuzzFeed Arnold's proposal was perfect; their shared love of travel is one of the things that brought them together.

The couple plans to host an October wedding celebration in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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