Little Boy Says Farewell To Garbage Man Friend In Sweetest Goodbye Ever (Video)

Soon, 2-year-old Deacon Ross and his family will move out of their East Dallas, Texas home into a larger one in the same town.

In honor of the move, the toddler's mother, Summer, is planning a big goodbye party.

But the party isn't to say "goodbye" to their abode. Rather, it's to say goodbye to Deacon's first best friend, a garbage man named Oladele Olurunrinu aka O'Dee.

In a short segment for USA Today, Summer explains,

[Deacon] has really just struck up this friendship with O'Dee. Looks forward to Friday. I think this is Deacon's first friend [where] he really understands what friendship is... I don't really think he understands that this could be the last time he sees O'Dee. 

Adorably, the love is reciprocated: O'Dee admits he's going to miss the young boy, too.

Check out the short video up top to see the unlikely pair and this heartwarming friendship.

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