Bullied Boy Gets A Special B-Day Gift From Thousands Around The World


On his 13th birthday, Odin Camus was the most popular teenager in Canada.

Thanks to a viral social media post, thousands of people celebrated the day alongside the Peterborough, Ontario native and his mother.

After realizing no one RSVPed for Odin's March 20 birthday party at a local bowling alley, his mom, Melissa, felt desperate.

Her son has Asperger syndrome, meaning he often has trouble making lasting friendships and is the victim of cruel jokes.

So, instead of phoning classmates, the determined mother took to Facebook to share Odin's new phone number.

She hoped he'd get a few text message birthday wishes and attendees for his party.

Melissa wanted people, touched by Odin's story, to offer her son support.

PtboCanada, which documents newsworthy trends in Peterborough, picked up the story and began spreading it under the tag #OdinBirthday.

As more and more people read about Odin's birthday, the messages poured in.

The teen told CTV he received over 4,000 texts from around the world.

Moreover, hundreds showed up to his party.

Those who couldn't be there in person sent messages of support.

Even professional sports teams joined in.

Odin was one of the most popular Canadians on Twitter.

This self-confidence boost will surely shape Odin's teenage years.

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