Bionic Eye Gives Man Ability To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

After 10 years in total darkness, Allen Zderad saw the light.

The Mayo Clinic reports Zderad, who first began struggling with retinitis pigmentosa 20 years ago, became the first person in the state of Minnesota to receive a bionic eye.

Although the developing technology primarily allows him to see light and shadows rather than clear pictures, it's still better than blackness.

The moment the bionic eye was switched on, Zderad tearfully reached out to hold wife Carmen's hands.

When asked how he found his wife in a room full of people, Zderad reportedly quipped,

It’s easy. She’s the most beautiful one in the room.

Jokes aside, Zderad's new eye bestows an improved quality of life and gives him the opportunity to see his beloved wife and family, including 10 grandchildren, once more.