Good Guy Bikers: This Biker Gang Protects Kids From Bullies And Child Abusers (Video)

Biker gangs have always gotten a blanket stereotype that never makes them look very good. Believe it or not, many of them are charitable organizations that do a lot of good for the communities they're in.

No, I'm not talking about the "Sons of Anarchy" kind of good where they're still running guns and managing prostitutes. I mean genuinely legitimate acts of service for others.

One such "gang" is B.A.C.A., or Bikers Against Child Abuse. These guys have chapters all over the United States, but they all support the single cause of eliminating child abuse.

They bring kids who have experienced any sort of abuse into their own chapters and provide a safety net so that they don't have to be afraid anymore.

One representative, Pipes, said that anyone who has hurt a child and doesn't take them seriously would be making a big mistake. I think we're supposed to read between the lines on that one. After all, they are still a biker gang.

H/T: Guyism, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube