Men Are Refusing To Believe There Is Poop In Their Beards


Ever since we shared the story about the sh*tty side of facial hair, bearded bros everywhere have rallied in defense of their furry poo-traps.

The New York Post reposted some of the ego-wounded males' defiant responses to the icky news story, and, as expected, they're pretty hilarious.

Brett David, the creative director at Rochelle's, a bar in Manhattan, says,

Meanwhile, 29-year-old photographer Madison McGaw took a more direct approach in defending his fecal -- I mean, facial -- hair.

He insisted,

McGraw added,


In all seriousness, we'd be surprised if beard owners didn't wash their beard four times a day, simply because it'd be so easy for them to get, well, gross (food beard is a real and scary thing, guys). Maintaining a chin bush takes a good deal of effort.

Demo Perez, 29, is so confident in his beard's cleanliness, he proclaimed,

Is that a challenge we hear?

Poo-free or poo-py, beards, in all of their bushy glory, are probably still here to stay.

The hipsters will be happy.

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