Brave Beachgoers Rescue A Stranded Great White Shark In Cape Cod (Video)

by Madeline Concannon

Some real-life Shark Week sh*t happened on Monday in Chatham, Massachusetts when a young great white shark was found stranded on the beach.

The 7-foot-long shark trapped itself on the beach by chasing after a seagull in low tide.

Isabelle Hegland, one of the onlookers, told CBS Boston,

The shark was stuck there for a while in the sand, so then people got buckets and were trying keep it wet so it could continue to breathe. I was a little afraid, but I could tell it wasn't moving anytime soon because the shore was going way out, it was approaching towards low tide so it was becoming increasingly difficult for the shark to keep its gills wet and be able to breathe.

Eventually, rescuers arrived and safely put the shark back in the ocean.

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