Teen Publicly Shamed By His Mom During Riots Says He's 'Embarrassed'


The Baltimore teen publicly scolded by his mother earlier this week has spoken out about the newsworthy event, admitting he's “embarrassed” by what happened.

In interviews with ABC News and CNN's Anderson Cooper, 16-year-old Michael Singleton recalls the moment he saw his mother coming for him at the riot.

He told ABC News,

Though he admits he was embarrassed my his mother's on-camera scolding, he insists she had good intentions.

Michael continued,

On the day of the incident, Singleton was told to go straight home from school, but instead, he joined a riot with his friends who were protesting Freddie Gray's death at the hands of the police.

His mother, Toya Graham, caught him with a rock in his hand, poised to throw it in anger.

The single mother of six said,

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