WTF? Man Tries To Bake His Girlfriend After Pouring Hot Sauce On Her

A man reportedly stabbed and tried to cook his girlfriend after covering her with condiments late last month.

According to New York Daily News, 31-year-old Joseph Castellanos viciously attacked the unnamed woman at their Sandy, Utah home for several hours because her answers to the Facebook messages he was sending from work didn't come quickly enough.

The order each torturous act was committed isn't clear, but throughout that night on June 26, Castellanos' girlfriend was stabbed with a fork, punched, kicked and struck with a belt.

Castellanos also urinated on her, tried to pour toilet cleaner down her throat and even stomped on her dog.

After pouring ranch dressing and hot sauce on his bloody victim, Castellanos reportedly attempted to push her into the oven.

The charges allegedly state,

[Castellanos] turned on the oven… told her to get inside, but she begged him to reconsider. [Castellanos] grabbed two knives and began swinging them at her.

He managed to get her legs inside before he abandoned the effort and started boiling water so he could "boil her alive" instead, according to the charges.

This is supposedly the point when the woman escaped to the bathroom and called 911 with a cellphone she hid there, KSL reports.

Castellanos purportedly told responding police officers the brutal wounds were inflicted by someone else.

In early July, he was charged with aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated cruelty to animals, in addition to numerous other felonies and misdemeanors.

This was apparently the second time in about month Castellanos spent hours beating the woman.

On the previous occasion, he stabbed her in the leg, tied up her hands and legs with a belt and computer cord, filled a bathtub with hot water and threw her in it.

She tried to run away but could not because of her leg injury, and Castellanos dragged her back into the house by her hair.

The following morning, the woman was raped twice when she declined to tell her boyfriend she loved him.

Any victim of abuse should contact the YWCA or the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-897-LINK (5465).

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