Touching Photos Show Baby Koala Clinging To Its Mother During Her Surgery

Every now and then, you need a quick pick-me-up -- you know, a moment in the middle of the workday that just makes you smile.

Fortunately, some of the most heartwarming moments are often captured on camera.

In this particular moment, a baby koala named Phantom hugged his mom, Lizzy, after they were hit by a car and Lizzy was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

The 6-month-old koala was lucky enough to escape the car's impact without sustaining any injuries.

Lizzy, however, suffered the brunt of it with a collapsed lung.

As she was asleep during the surgery, Phantom snuggled up to her.

According to Daily Mail, Lizzy is on antibiotics and recovering just fine!

Check out photos from this heartwarming moment below.

Meet Phantom, a koala who, along with his mother, was the victim of a car accident.

Fortunately, Phantom was uninjured by the car. His mom, however, suffered a collapsed lung and needed surgery.

This amazing photo captured after Lizzy's surgery shows little Phantom never left her side.

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