Best Bride Ever Helps Friend Pull Off Proposal During Her Own Wedding


Chelsea Pulse is the coolest bride of all time.

Normally, getting engaged at a wedding is a major no-no.

If I was the bride, I'd be furious if someone even considered doing something to take the spotlight off of me for a second at a party literally just meant for me.

Luckily, Chelsea and I aren't the same person.

The Missouri bride not only gave full permission to her friend, Brett Davidson, to propose during the bouquet toss to her cousin, Megan Creal, but she actually suggested it prior to the wedding.

She told Huffington Post,

A video of the engagement was uploaded to Vimeo and gained some Internet traction among people needing a happy cry (aka everyone).

Don't get too excited and start proposing at weddings now. Brett lucked out with Chelsea.

Nobody throws a second Bat Mitzvah at a first Bat Mitzvah, and the same rules apply to getting engaged at a wedding without consulting the bride.

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