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Artist Snuck Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress In Portrait Of Bill Clinton (Photos)

When you think “Bill Clinton,” one of two things comes to mind: ex-president or Monica Lewinsky.

After his very public affair with the 22-year-old intern, it's hard not to associate Clinton with the cheating scandal above all else. It's kind of his legacy, regardless of whether or not it should be.

One person just made sure nobody ever forgets the former president's, um, transgressions. Nelson Shanks is the artist who was commissioned to paint Bill Clinton's official presidential portrait.

Shanks included a subtle nod to Monica Lewinsky in his massive painting -- a shadow cast by what he says is a mannequin in a blue dress.

Supposedly, the mannequin is a subtle reference to the former president's affair with Lewinsky.

Shanks isn't Clinton's biggest fan, admittedly. He refers to the ex-president as “the most famous liar of all time,” and claims that the shadow in his portrait represents the “shadow on the office” that Bill Clinton held.

Additionally, Shanks refrained from painting a wedding ring on the president's hand, another nod to his infidelity.

The painting is housed in the National Portrait Gallery collection in Washington, DC, where it will remain, so long as the Clintons don't ask for its removal.

Insulting a former president -- a ballsy move, but on Shanks' part, a hilariously executed one.

See the painting below:

Oh, hey Monica!

Nelson Shanks works on Bill Clinton's portrait in this 2005 @usatoday pic. Note the blue dress — Lori Grisham (@lagrisham) March 2, 2015

Another Look:

Artist claims he put reference to Monica Lewinsky's blue dress in Bill Clinton painting — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) March 2, 2015

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