New App Will Deliver Gasoline To Your Car With The Touch Of A Button


Silicon Valley residents will soon be able to get gasoline delivered straight to their cars.

According to The Daily Dot, a new app called Filld sends a truck equipped with a gas pump to a user's vehicle and fills up his or her tank for the average price of whatever gas costs in the area, in addition to a $7 delivery fee.

The user simply tells the app where the car is, makes sure the fuel door is unlocked and pays for the gas on the app.

CEO Scott Hempy told The Daily Dot,

The Daily Dot notes Filld only needs to accumulate just a fraction of what people pay for gas to make it big.

But it might not be the case if users don't think the convenience of not having to drive to a gas station is worth $7.

Hempy, however, feels the investment would be worth it, stating,

Hempy also plans to supply alternative types of fuel once the rise of clean energy is in full swing.

He added,

The location of the Filld company is not specified, so it isn't clear how long it usually takes a truck to reach a user.

Delivery time may have to be guaranteed in the future because if there's one thing people hate more than gas prices, it's waiting when they could be on the road.

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