This Giant 6'3" Woman Gets Paid To Make Men's Big Girl Fantasies Come True (Video)

Amazon Amanda is a professional large person. The 6'3'', 280-pound, 44DD busted woman earns a living by, basically, making men feel really, really small:

I get paid using my natural abilities. My natural god gifted assets. I do everything from height size comparisons, lifting, carrying, smothering, wrestling, and just walking in public with people.

Amanda grew up in a small town in America where she didn't know how to adjust to her large size. She was 6 foot tall at 12 years old, taller and bigger than all her male teachers.

Amanda was bullied a lot, and after becoming too large to be a mainstream model, she discovered the world of Amazon modeling in 2003.

It's not, she says, "your typical job."

Despite criticisms from friends and family, Amanda insists there is no nudity or sex involved with her clients. She just gets paid to hang out with them.

As far as her real dating life goes, she actually prefers shorter men because they "try harder." All in all, though, she loves what she does:

It's a great way of not only exploring other interests and fetishes and everything out there, but I get to travel the world.

Check out this video of Amanda and her biggest -- and shortest -- fan, Sergio.

H/T: Buzzfeed