Airport Staff Takes Kid's Stuffed Tiger On Adventure After He Loses It (Photos)

Losing your stuffed animal as a kid is one of the most depressing moments of your life.

We've all been there.

Either you accidentally forget your stuffed sheep at your cousin's house and have to wait until the next holiday to reclaim it, or you do what Owen Lake did and lose it at the airport.

Lake was traveling to Houston  from Tampa when he accidentally misplaced his stuffed tiger, Hobbes.

That's when Tony D'Aiuto, the airport's Operations Center manager, stepped in to make sure Hobbes was safe. From there, D'Aiuto had an even better idea...

Check out the photos below to find out.

This is Hobbes, a stuffed tiger belonging to 6-year-old Owen Lake, who lost him while traveling.


Owen's mom, Amanda Lake, called Tampa International Airport where he lost Hobbes, and the airport staff found him!


While waiting for him to be picked up, the airport's Operations Center manager, Tony D'Aiuto, took him on an airport adventure.


The airport staff shared Facebook posts of Hobbes exploring different areas of the airport and enjoying ice cream.


At last, Owen was reunited with Hobbes and got to see what his fun-filled, adventurous day at the airport was like!


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