11 Powerful Images Of The World Showing Solidarity With Brussels

by Gillian Fuller
Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

Shockwaves were sent across the world Tuesday morning, after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks rocked Belgium's capital, killing at least 30 and injuring up to 230 more.

Following the attacks, for which ISIS has since claimed responsibility, millions across the globe offered their condolences to the European nation, showing their solidarity in ways that have become uncomfortably familiar in recent months.

Hashtags dedicated to the country, including #JeSuisBrussels and #PrayForBrussels began trending on social media, while cities paid respects by proudly displaying the colors of the country's flag in lights.

Though it is impossible not to feel fear in such dark times, we must not let it show.

The goal of terrorism is, quite simply, to evoke terror, and such a goal cannot be achieved if we continue to stand tall, stand together and unite against the forces trying to break our resolve.

To show our solidarity is to show our strength, and today, the world stands with Brussels.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa in Dubai draped in #Belgium flag colors. Image via @gulf_news — Newsweek Middle East (@NewsweekME) March 22, 2016

2. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

#EiffelTower #Belgianflag #brusselsattack — Alex Orr (@alex_m_orr) March 22, 2016

3. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Looks like #Edinburgh #Castle is lit up colors of #Belgianflag in honor of the victims of the #BrusselsAttacks — Ryan Photography (@RMcEphotography) March 22, 2016

4. Empire State Building, New York, New York

Empire State Building will remain dark tonight in sympathy for the lives lost in #Brussels [Photo: @isardasorensen] — ABC News (@ABC) March 22, 2016

5. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

#Berlin's Brandenburg Gate illuminated in Belgium's colours tonight. — Jens Notroff (@jens2go) March 22, 2016

6. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Now, Trevi Fountain (Rome) #Bruxelles — spazio disponibile (@sdisponibile) March 22, 2016

7. Lyon Courthouse, Lyon, France

RT "@CherguiaMbark: Columns outside courthouse, #Lyon France lit up in colours of the Belgian flag#BrusselsAttacks" — Corina E U (@corinahe) March 22, 2016

8. Royal Palace, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Royal Palace in #Amsterdam in colours of Belgian flag. #Brussels — Annemieke Ruigrok (@JGMRuigrok) March 22, 2016

9. City Hall, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city hall#BruxellesAttack — LIS (@LISviews) March 22, 2016

10. National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

Polish National Stadium, Warsaw tonight #Brussels — Maciej Sokołowski (@sokoIowski) March 22, 2016

11. One World Trade Center, New York, New York

Our partners @TodayinNewYork over One World Trade Center just now lit up in solidarity with the people of Belgium. — Stefan Gorman (@StefanGorman) March 22, 2016